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Wednesday 9th May 2007

There's a new OS/2 build available on the download page, thanks to Jali Heinonen.

Friday 21st July 2006

This major update officially adds SDL, Allegro and Pocket PC targets to the previous Win32-only release. There are improvements and additions across the board, giving the most authentic experience yet.

Changes for version 1.0:

Wednesday 11th July 2001

Finally released version 0.81a to the public, after pretty much being in private beta since March. This release features only a Win32 binary, as the SDL version isn't yet in a conveniently useable state yet.

Sunday 10th June 2001

The CVS repository for the SimCoupe project has finally been updated. The code currently builds for Win32 (native) and Linux/BeOS/Win32 (SDL), and provisionally for MacOS too.

Tuesday 1st May 2001

A SimCoupe project has been set up at SourceForge, where the source code will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Tuesday 10th April 2001

With the domain registered, SimCoupe finally has a home again!

Friday 9th March 2001

Minor bug fixes and tweaks from previous version.

Changes in version 0.81a:

Tuesday 27th February 2001

Changes for version 0.81:

Monday 21st August 2000

Changes in version 0.80 alpha test 4:

Thursday 22nd June 2000

Changes in version 0.80 alpha test 3:

Thursday 11th November 1999

Changes for version 0.80 alpha test:

Monday 8th March 1999

Changes for version 0.80 pre-pre-alpha:

Saturday 27th February 1999

Started work porting the X version of SimCoupe 0.72 to Win32.