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SimCoupe-1.0.exe (469K) - Windows installer, recommended for new users. (435K) - zip archive, for existing/advanced users.

Requires DirectX 3 or above on 9x, or at least SP3 on NT4.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X

SimCoupe-1.0b.dmg (1.5MB) - for Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Requires Mac OS X 10.5+ (Intel) or 10.3+ (PowerPC).



SimCoupe-1.0-Linux-x86.tar.gz (903K) - binaries for OpenGL and non-OpenGL

Requires libc6 and libstdc++6, which should be present in most modern Linux distributions. Use the non-OpenGL version if your X server lacks hardware accleration.

Windows Mobile

SimCoupe-1.0-PocketPC.exe (250K) - ActiveSync installer
SimCoupe-1.0.ARM.CAB (245K) - cabinet file for device installation

Requires an ARM device with QVGA (240x320) display.

BeOS / ZETA (490K) - version for x86 processors

Requires the SDL 1.2 runtime library ( to be installed.


simcoupe-1.0-x86-public.qpr (268K) - version for x86 processors

Static binary for QNX 6.3.0, but should also work under QNX 6.2.x.

DOS (767K)

Supported sound cards should be detected automatically - see the Allegro site for a list of compatible cards.

Amiga OS 4

Built and supported by Ventzislav Tzvetkov.

PlayStation Portable

Built and supported by Ludovic Jacomme.


Built and supported by Ludovic Jacomme.

Source Code


SimCoupe-1.0.tar.gz (711K) - SimCoupe source (Unix line endings) (782K) - SimCoupe source (DOS line endings)


SAASound-3.2.tar.gz (295K) - Dave Hooper's SAA 1099 sound chip emulator
SDL-1.2.11.tar.gz (2.6M) - Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) (3.3MB) - the Allegro Gaming Library

SimCoupe is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.